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    Blue Monday are a well rehearsed, hard hitting rock/blues band, with a large roster of tunes.
     Randy leads the show! John and Chris drive the groove! Martin n Roy weave twin lead guitar, starting fires along the way! While Four part harmonies supply that Blue Monday goodness!
     High energy, powerful vocals and rockin' guitars hit you at our shows! A dancable beat, as always, is provided by a tight, punchy rhythm section.    The songs played by Blue Monday include many modern day classics, and a healthy dose of Funk, to get the crowd in the groove.
    The members of the band, are all very experienced musicians, and have worked with some of the biggest names in show business,  Celine Dion, The Who,  to name but a  few..... So get your dancing shoes on, and prepare yourself for a night of Rock n Roll!

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Band Members

Blue Monday consists of;

Randy Richards - Lead Vocals + Rhythm Guitar

John MacPherson - Drums

Martin Parnell - Lead Guitar + Vocals

Chris Curry - Bass + Vocals

Roy Gray - Lead Guitar + Vocals


Band History

Early Days 

Randy Richards and John McPherson, had been respected and active musicians for a long number of years, before meeting and starting a band, back in 2007. The band, 'Just Us' played many shows, and underwent a number of band member changes, throughout the next few years. All the while however, they were locking down a solid groove for what would become Blue Monday.

   ...Blue Monday was born in 2017... with a new lease of life, coming through new band members...

...Martin Parnell, from Yorkshire, in the UK. joined in 2017, along with local lad Kevin Kent on Rhythm guitar. Yuval from Israel completed the line up on Bass guitar.

Replacing personnel

    Yuval moved out west for work and Kevin Kent left a year later for personal reasons. 

Chris Curry a well established and proficient musician, with  long standing on the local Saint John NB music scene replaced Yuval on Bass. 

Last to join, but by no means least was Roy Gray, as dual lead guitarist, who hails from Manitoba.

The current line up is powerful, soulful, and full of groove.


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